I do enjoy getting into the kitchen and baking.  Sometimes the urge to mix flour, sugar, eggs and my other ingredients together hits at odd times.  Just as it did this past Sunday!

It took me only about 10 minutes to whip up this zucchini bread (courgette cake) batter, and have it in the oven, with the smell permeating through the flat.  

And the ease of doing it made me thankful for the foresight which had me grating up my zucchini and bagging it up in 2 cup measures, before popping them into the freezer.




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  1. Ooohh, it sounds (and I can almost smell it) really gorgeous. Know what you mean about brambles – we seem to have a constant battle with them, chop them out in one place and up they spring again a few feet away.

  2. Sure thing! I’ll write it out and give it to you! Do you have a set of American cup measures? Just that the recipe uses them..and if you don’t, I’ll ‘adapt’ it. :)x

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