I was out the other day, messing around in the front garden.  So now I have these two pots planted up, each with about half a dozen miniature tulip bulbs, and violas on top.  Hopefully, they’ll come up healthy and colourful in the spring.  🙂

I was quite proud of myself really to find the bulbs and violas on sale.  Well, ok, so the violas were on the clearance shelf at Homebase..but they look healthy enough, so who cares if I only had to pay 60p for 4 pots of them?  (Tightwad?  Me??  No way!!)




I “inherited” both of these baskets from my aunt and uncle this year, when they moved house.  I  had trailing ivy geranium in the top one, and a fuchsia in the bottom.  Now they are also planted with the violas.  Would have been better with trailing plants, I grant you, but even so, they should look ok.

The geranium and fuchsia plants weren’t actually dead.. I’ve cut them right back, with the thought that maybe…just maybe… they might live and be ready for next year.  A girl can only try, huh?



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