Sorry for myself, I suppose….

Sometimes, life seems so hard.  Just a few days before Christmas, I was started on Methotrexate.  For the RA, you understand.  That’s fine.  I can deal with it.  

Next thing you know though, I’m going down with the mother of all colds, which ended up with me having a visit to the doctor on Christmas Eve.  She announced that I was sick because the MTX walloped my immune system to shreds.   Ok..I can deal with that too.

Antibiotics started.  Olbas oil was inhaled.  The drippy horrible part of the cold came and went. I dealt with it. 🙂


But it’s the blasted cough which is driving me insane.  It is now, what, the 13th of January.  and I’m coughing more and more, and harder and harder.   It’s exhausting me.  And I’m meant to be at work tomorrow?


Somehow I doubt it.  Somehow I feel another visit to the doctor coming on.  But then at the same time, I’m increasingly worried about the fact that my employer may turn around and give me the unceremonial boot. 





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