February already?

Yep…unbelievable!  The days just pass so quickly, don’t they.

So, today, February 2nd, will see people congregate in a little town in Pennsylvania, to watch a groundhog being pulled out of his comfy bed.  Then some human in a weird hat will decide whether the poor creature saw his shadow.  Or not.  And that is a very scientific way, of course, to determine whether spring will soon be here or if we will endure a longer winter.



This particular February 2nd is also the first Rheumatoid Awareness Day.





However, although I used to live in Pennsylvania and am used to the Groundhog’s predictions.  And although I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other related health issues, I have to tell you, that for me today is just another…




It’s’ my weekend on duty.  And Saturday is usually a late shift for me, unless they need to switch shifts for some reason.


So today, I type this on my notebook, while lying in bed.  Very lazy.  Soon, I’ll be preparing for work…and almost forcing myself by the end of the work day to keep moving.

And at some point during this day I will do at least a couple of rows of knitting, or throw some stitches into my cross stitch project… or read a page of my book…

Or maybe I’ll just stare into space like a zombie!!!  lol




What are your plans?

Whatever they are, I hope you have a wonderful, healthy, pain free day!